Laptops vs Tablets for a small business

Apple has already started to convince people that soon laptops and PCs will dry up and will be completely replaced by iPads, but as we can see the demand for these gadgets still hasn’t gone anywhere. And large, medium and small businesses successfully use laptops and computers for their purposes, and whether they will buy tablets en masse, only the future will show. In this article, we’ll explore whether tablets can be on par with laptops in small businesses.

What’s the difference between a tablet and a laptop?

First of all the tablet is different from the laptop stuffing. In simple words, a tablet is a more advanced version of a phone, and a laptop is a more compact version of a PC, and that’s why the notebook system is much better than the tablet system, both in terms of power and reliability.

At the same time, if we talk about portability, the tablet is much more convenient in this case, because because of the complex system laptops are also heavier and require more power than the same tablet. Laptop batteries also have different capacities and sizes, which also affects the weight of the gadget.

So if the weight of the tablet may not reach up to one kilogram, the laptop weight reaches 1 kilogram or more. And if so you may think that there is no difference it is very noticeable.

Goals and objectives

Before you decide what’s better for small businesses laptop or tablet, it is worth considering that they differ in their goals and objectives. It is also worth considering the scope of your business, because for example for drawing you do not need large resource costs, it is enough only accurate stylus and quality display. All of these features are much easier to find in a tablet than in a laptop because the presence of a keyboard in the latter will interfere significantly when working with the virtual canvas.

Photo processing or video editing also does not require anything supernatural and is quite feasible on a tablet screen, because the color rendering on the tablet is also much better than on a laptop.

But if your field of activity is focused only on mechanical tasks such as printing text or rendering graphics, the laptop will be much more appropriate. After all, the same Microsoft programs run much more efficiently on a laptop and allow you to solve much more complex tasks than on a tablet.

Can they replace each other?

It is possible in part, but it is important to remember that some things are much more convenient to do on a laptop than on a tablet, and vice versa. Even swapping for the most professional gadgets from either one or the other line will not be able to fully meet certain needs. Perhaps in the future tablets will be able to fully compete with laptops, but so far they only coexist peacefully with each other.